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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 16, Number 2, March 2021


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Selection effects on dishonest behavior, pp. 238-266 (html).
Petr Houdek, Štěpán Bahník, Marek Hudík and Marek Vranka

Underweighting of rare events in social interactions and its implications to the design of voluntary health applications, pp. 267-289 (html).
Ori Plonsky, Yefim Roth and Ido Erev

Social mindfulness is normative when costs are low, but rapidly declines with increases in costs, pp. 290-322 (html).
Christoph Engel and Paul A. M. Van Lange

Forecasting forecaster accuracy: Contributions of past performance and individual differences, pp. 323-362 (html).
Mark Himmelstein, Pavel Atanasov and David V. Budescu
Supplement, including data (zip)

Facilitating sender-receiver agreement in communicated probabilities: Is it best to use words, numbers or both?, pp. 363-393 (html).
David R. Mandel and Daniel Irwin
Data (csv)

Risky choice framing with various problem descriptions: A replication and extension study, pp. 394-421 (html).
Lei Zhou, Nan Liu, Ya-Qiong Liao and Ai-Mei Li
Supplement with data and analysis (zip)

Inference and preference in intertemporal choice, pp. 422-459 (html).
William J. Skylark, George D. Farmer and Nadia Bahemia
Data (zip)

Judgments of frequency and duration: One or two Underlying Dimensions?, pp. 460-483 (html).
Johannes Titz and Peter Sedlmeier

Beyond “fake news”: Analytic thinking and the detection of false and hyperpartisan news headlines, pp. 484-504 (html).
Robert M. Ross, David G. Rand and Gordon Pennycook
Data (zip), Supplement

Denotative and connotative management of uncertainty: A computational dual-process model, pp. 505-550 (html).
Jesse Hoey, Neil J. MacKinnon and Tobias Schröder
Code (zip)

Nudging freelance professionals to increase their retirement pension fund contributions, pp. 551-565 (html).
Enrico Rubaltelli and Lorella Lotto
Data (csv), Variables
Supplement (details of method and sample)

Consequences, norms, and inaction: Response to Gawronski et al. (2020), pp. 566-595 (html).
Jonathan Baron and Geoffrey P. Goodwin
Data (zip)

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